Strategic Email for Authors with Brennan Dunn

Brennan's personal playbook for using email to drive his book launch

By Rob Fitzpatrick and featuring Brennan Dunn

​If you’ve ever searched for how to use email in a strategic, authentic, high-value way, you’ve ended up finding something written by Brennan Dunn that blew everyone else’s advice out of the water.

In this Nonfiction Authors Community Q&A, we touch on what most folks get wrong about marketing their creative work, how to do it better, and how he plans to prepare for and launch his own upcoming book. Plus, plenty of time for audience questions.

Timestamps & topics

  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 0:40 Strategic email and author platforms
  • 4:13 Helping readers to ACT
  • 5:23 The three touchpoints of personalization
  • 6:22 From broadcast to dialogue
  • 9:00 Evergreen onboarding for new subscribers
  • 10:54 Three crucial tools
  • 11:23 Spam, deliverability, and replies
  • 13:25 How much to give away, what to charge for
  • 15:29 Pricing power, courses, and upsells
  • 18:34 Time efficiency by turning replies into content
  • 19:54 On lead magnets, promotion, and friction
  • 20:58 The point and power of personalization
  • 22:41 Closing & thanks
  • 23:13 Throwing dice in international waters

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