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Creating a successful book is too big of a project to go at alone.

All the knowledge in the world can't help if you don't act on it.

So to make it even easier for you maintain your momentum until your book is out there, we've created the Nonfiction Authors' Community.

Join 120+ nonfiction authors for high-quality help, guidance, and support.

Writing Accountability Groups

Get unstuck and make real progress. A check-in of what you've written, a plan for the next week, and 30 minutes of live, undistracted work on your top book task.

2x weekly: Weds 4pm CET, Fri 12pm noon CET, and more added as needed.

Quick, reliable insights

Unclear on how to navigate the practicalities of scoping, writing, beta reading, or publishing? Need quick advice about tools or techniques?

Our discussion group is full of authors who have been there, done that, and returned to help you out.

Live expert Q&As

Every so often, we're delighted to host an author who has enjoyed remarkable success creating recommendable nonfiction.

See the resources page for the highlights from some of our recent guests.

👉 Join today and receive a complementary PDF copy of Write Useful Books. 👈

$30 / month: Join Useful Authors

What our members love

“Such a worthwhile use of an hour—a great opportunity. Thanks for putting this together each week.”

“Joining this community has accelerated both my writing and my productivity. The weekly sessions—talking to other authors about my goals, and even just making the time—have been so helpful for reaching and staying in flow state.”

“Great to have the pull of accountability. I showed up half asleep and took some baby steps. Thank you!”

“Very grateful for this session. I just spent another 30 mins after the meetup to polish my work up. The unrelated, offhand remark about signposting just made my head go: 💡! Really thought provoking about how I want to proceed forward with the writing…”

“Wonderful first experience with the community. Lots of value and fun conversations.”

“Writing a book can be a lonely endeavor. As a first-time author, you have a million questions about your content, the publishing process, how to get feedback, market your book, stay on track, etc. But you don’t have anybody around to help you. Rob’s community has been instrumental in helping me stay on track, get answers to my questions, and get support from my peers who are going through the same journey. If you want to write a useful book, I highly recommend doing it as part of this group.”

“This is one community where hanging around and participating doesn’t feel like work — everything here is interesting and of high value for the aspiring author.”

“I am making such progress as a result of this weekly session.”

“Ya know what else was amazing about that? That I could, at 7 in the morning, fire up Zoom and join RJ Youngling, Arvid Kahl, and Robfitz in a small group. Sipping coffee while sitting with thought and industry leaders. Freakin awesome. Thanks.”

👉 Join today and receive a complementary PDF copy of Write Useful Books. 👈

$30 / month: Join Useful Authors

Books launched by community members

Meet your support team

In addition to Rob and the other community members, we've also got a few experts who are on hand and ready to help you along on your book journey.

Rob Fitzpatrick

Author, Write Useful Books

Heya, I wrote Write Useful Books (plus a couple other books) and am here to help with anything and everything book-related.

Day to day, I mainly help with our authors’ community and publishing imprint. Hope to see you in the community some day soon :)

Find me in the Slack group or rob@usefulbooks.co

Devin Hunt

Tools & design

Hey there, I coauthored The Workshop Survival Guide with Rob. I can help you with all the good stuff that sits around the actual writing: beta reading, covers, etc.

Also building Help This Book, a tool Rob and I designed to make Beta Reading and getting feedback much easier. When your manuscript is ready, shout and I’ll set you up.

Grab me in Slack or devin@usefulbooks.co

Teresa Fradera

Amazon & book ads

Hi, I run all the Amazon pages and PPC ads for Rob & Devin’s books, and have been helping some of the community members by doing category research and more.

Got questions about the Amazon side of things? Grab me in the Slack group.

🚀 Teresa is also available for freelance work on Amazon & ads. te@usefulbooks.co

Adam M Rosen

Editing & publishing

I’ve been working on the editorial side of nonfiction publishing for over a decade, as both a writer and editor.

Beyond editing Rob & Devin’s last two books and running the community’s weekly Writing Accountability Group, I’m also overseeing our imprint.

📝 Adam is also available for freelance editing, publishing support, ghost writing, and more.

👉 Join today and receive a complementary PDF copy of Write Useful Books. 👈

$30 / month: Join Useful Authors