News: The imprint's second book, MBA Coffee Chats, has just hit #1 new release πŸŽ‰

Huge congrats to authors Adam Putterman and Bob Manfreda on this well-deserved milestone.

About to start an MBA? Grab a copy.

The most author-friendly deal in publishing

We publish useful nonfiction written by authors who are following the process and iterating toward an effective, recommendable, long-lasting book via a rigorous mix of reader conversations, beta reading, and writing in public.

We don't accept inbound proposals from authors or agents.

Instead, we extend deals to authors within our nonfiction authors' community who are demonstrating the data-driven, reader-centric, iterative mindset that we believe in.

Caveat: This imprint is new. We've currently launched only two books: Write Useful Books (our own) and MBA Coffee Chats (by Adam and Bob). "New" is exciting but also means rough edges. Still, we believe the destination to be worth the journey, because...

Our publishing deal is insane

We're doing things differently.

Why are we building this? Because back when I was writing my first book, the big publishers offered me a "deal" that made my blood boil. Eight years later, I'm delighted to announce the publisher I've always wanted to work with, reinvented from tip to tail to be fundamentally author-friendly.

How? Because we're dropping the legacy costs and thinking that have been deadweight to big publishers for decades.

We publish progress, not pitches

Here's what you need to know about working with us:

Other stuff you should know about publishing with us

If you have questions, ping But again, we won't publish anyone from a proposal. It's your book and you need to build it. We can't make you succeed, but we'd be honored to be a part of your success.